We are a new group but with working together and reaching out to people we have achieved a lot.

Mums4Ukraine Silent Auction: Total raised: £2,451

One of our members, Agnes Toth organised an online, silent auction to raise funds in support of Migration Aid, a small charitable organisation based in Hungary. They are small, fully volunteer-run organisation that is not accepting government funding to be able to be completely impartial and independent from Hungarian politics. Migration Aid has been coordinating free accommodation and transport for Ukrainian refugees in Hungary since the beginning of the war; they set up 2 hostels for refugees where they can host and feed hundreds of people every day. And gosh, they are busy!

The auction launched on 18th March and closed on Mothering Sunday 27th March. 49 people placed 67 bids on items and services donated by generous individuals and businesses in and around Cambridge. We auctioned hair stylist appointments, mini breaks, coaching sessions, artwork and more!

We raised a total of £2451!!!

All the money raised through the auction will go towards supporting Ukrainian refugees through Migration Aid. People and businesses in Cambridge are incredibly generous and we are very grateful for all the amazing support from everyone! This would not have been possible without you.

Helping to find accommodation to the first Ukrainian family arriving in Cambridgeshire an extended family of 10 people and 2 dogs and highlighting support for Ukraine in the media

Rend Platings, one of our founders, connected a four-generation family of 10 who fled the war-torn Ukrainian city of Kharkiv with generous local businessman Mick Swinhoe. Mick donated a family house for their use in Caldecote, eight miles west of Cambridge. Mick got in touch with Rend on Facebook who connected him with the family.

The family was able to move into their new home on Wednesday 23rd March.

Rend has also highlighted support for Ukraine in the media by having her house painted in Ukrainian flag colours

Sending a lorry full of medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Through our networking efforts we connected an organisation that had some medical aids ready to be delivered to Ukraine, but sadly could not fill up the whole lorry, with Buffaload who had plenty of humanitarian aid items at their warehouse in Pymoor. On 24th March a truck got loaded for Ukraine to go to Vinnitsa and Kyiv and the driver happened to be Ukrainian!